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Spray Painting 噴畫班

想體驗星空及塗鴉噴漆畫的樂趣?現在開放預約了喔!噴漆畫常見於國外街頭藝術,或令人聯想到街頭塗鴉. 查詢: 6211 1204

  • HKD380/2hrs
  • San Po Kong

Service Description

詳情內容 : Details: 想體驗星空及塗鴉噴漆畫的樂趣的話,現在開放預約了喔!✨ If you want to experience the fun of starry sky and graffiti spray painting, the appointment is now open! ✨ 噴漆畫常見於國外街頭藝術,或令人聯想到街頭塗鴉。以噴漆在紙上作畫,在課程上學員無需任何繪畫經驗也能夠做出美麗的噴畫藝術作品 Spray paint is common in foreign street art, or reminiscent of street graffiti. Using spray paint to paint on paper, students in the course can make beautiful spray painting works without any painting experience **由於噴畫或塗鴉不能在户內進行,課堂活動將在全港獨有專為塗鴉及噴畫而設的户外場地進行。**Since spray painting or graffiti cannot be carried out indoors, classroom activities will be held in the only outdoor venue. 🔸課堂約2小時 🔸The class is about 2 hours 🔸可完成一大一小的畫作 (可另外加購畫框) 🔸Can complete large and small paintings (additional frame can be purchased) 🔸課程已包括防有機氣體口罩、手套、圍裙。 🔸The course includes anti-organic gas masks, gloves, and aprons. 🔸無需任何繪畫經驗 🔸Drawing experience is not a must in this event 🔸2-3人開班 🔸2-3 ppl or above at least 🔸廣東話, 英語和普通話授課 費用: HKD380 (不包括材料費) 一位,2小時 🔸Taught in Cantonese, English and Mandarin) Fee: HKD380 (not including material fee) per person, 2 hours

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Kwun Tong, 香港

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